What’s new in the trial version V of iOS 12

Hours before Apple launched the update iOS 12 beta version the fifth developers which rewards the pilot year of the fourth is expected to launch in the next few hours. The update focused clearly on the order processing form the final especially in the design area where Apple has adjusted its many icons and arrange them. The update came by the surprises they find on the codes hint at products coming or the advantages of optional unspoken from Apple.

ما الجديد في النسخة التجريبية الخامس من iOS 12

IPhone Dual SIM

Not of the advantages of iOS 12, of course, or not the feature in general, but found local they codes on the signals in the system that says “second tranche” this surprising large and the signal express from Apple that they might release iPhone Dual SIM. The existence of codes does not always mean that there is a product you will believe but it does mean that Apple is already brewing apparatus comprising this.

The cover of the wireless charging goodness

Advantages of gas declared also that he has been monitoring the change in the design of the box to hear the AirPods this change was very slight where the added indicator light extremely small image of the flag of this indicator does not currently exist and this means that it will change the science ones include indicator light and of course clarify with Apple last year that he would support charging the wireless headphones, it means that the launch of the iPhone will also launch a new box or maybe new headphones.

Support the dial of the HomePod

Another advantage has been observed which confirm the rumor already and the days before that headphones home iPod will include new features. With the update of iOS 12 eggs-fifth indicated Apple directly that the sky will feature calls and I wrote this in a letter for as in the following picture:

Superior advantages and improvements in the design

Update came many changes in the design of icons, buttons, and the addition of explanatory notes and other improvements, which means that Apple began processing early system to reach the final. The months of these changes are as follows:

◉ Battery case: Apple made a feature of the condition of the battery as one of the new features in iOS 11.3, but it was putting the message of “experimental/Beta” on the water. But this message have been removed in the last update this means that the results are now becoming more accurate and this is the final status of the water.

◉ Clarification in the music application that you can search the name of the song or the singer or even the lyrics of the song.

◉ Improve the sharing icon health where she became show “share a link to the cloud”.

◉ Icons, illustrative, in application of images to illustrate the division of the types of existing images you have.

◉ Modify the transparency of the Control Center.

◉ Has been removed “devices of the family” from within the “screen time” but they still exist within the “family sharing”.

◉ Improved line deletion notifications to become smaller.

◉ Improved line wedge stock to become smaller in size and also therefore shows you the number of shares of the largest in tab.

◉ Reducing the number of applications that involved data Siri in the past.

◉ Has been modified a lot of system icons (such as buttons, list participation) and improve positioning.

◉ Has been adjusted sounds of a start and end calls FaceTime

◉ Has been removed “smile” which was to appear in the app when you use the fingerprint feature of the face with different applications.

◉ The application of powdered Dreamcast has a special section with the earphones and the car in the settings.

Watch a video review advantages and focuses on design changes, icons

I watched another video reviewing the advantages

Have you tried the iOS 12 demo? And what you expect to believe Apple actually iPhone dual chip?


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