What’s new in the Windows 10 update for April 2018

Next Monday will start the Microsoft launch update April 2018 for Windows 10, which comes to much of the challenges and the new nurses.

Microsoft offers these big updates twice a year, but I thought naming it “update amount” or “update anniversary”, but it seems they changed the registration method even easier to keep track of versions, to become this time the “update April 2018”, which is the same update that we had by the name of “update spring creators”.

As for the New, the most important changes, will have the advantage of the timeline feature to help focus some of the nurses and small improvements, you will see in the presentation below:

Feature time online, as the name indicates, maintain a record of amendments and additions to the files and the date of what you made on your computer during the last 30 days.

If you connect the phone to your Android or iOS device to your computer, it will be the inclusion of the activities of the browser Microsoft edge of your phone on the time line to your computer.
It seems that the timeline works better with Microsoft apps, as we see with Google Chrome, it looks messy.
One of the greatest actresses, is to help focus and Focus Assist, which offers many settings to show notifications.
And common nearby Nearby Sharing, will share photos, videos quickly with Windows 10 devices nearby.
To be what you’ve been working on the Microsoft edge browser on your Android or iOS device, you can open any web page and resume browsing on your computer.

Has got browser Microsoft edge on several other updates, the main ones being:

  • You can mute and unmute the tab, as Google Chrome.
  • You can view the books and PDFs in full screen mode.
  • The browser can save your address provide entered quickly while shopping on the internet.
  • I got the browser on the tool to determine linguistic rules.
Update feature Windows Ink to using pens smart to enter words in any place allow it, Microsoft says that the response time became lower by 30% to 50%.

Also, you can click on the Windows button+H to insert words through the word.
He became the assistant default, cortana, supports control a bigger slice of the smart devices.

Developed a Microsoft also of using the elements virtual reality update April 2018, for example, became you can put the three-dimensional model in PowerPoint and examined it from various dimensions during the presentation.

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