What’s the secret movements that follow her social networks to make you addicted to it?

Different releases of fire on the excessive use of smart phones; while some argue that addiction, the Jonathan Kaye -COO at Apptopia competent in the analysis of the applications – calls this phenomenon “displacement time” explanation that people slide time that they spend watching television programmes spend on their phones. But the preference to spend leisure time in front of screens of smart phones instead of other platforms is due to reasons; the first being that the phones are filled with the content you choose instead of the content of the test to you such as TV shows, secondly, that the developers of smart phone applications tend to use certain tactics to attract your attention to it, you won’t wait for you to check amounts in their applications. Indeed had demonstrated the bite these tactics to attract its users; it is tactics what does not offer a feature only manipulation safety of the user (you can hear it: the tricks of the crooked), while others offers a useful feature to raise the value of the home, and they share in the task of attracting your attention. In this article we stake you to some of the tactics used via the common application:

Facebook: account for all platforms

One of the things that distinguishes Facebook from any platform to other social, is the possibility to register by Facebook account within a wide range of applications rather than create a dedicated account, what makes you feel the importance of the Facebook account. In recent years, Facebook claims the memories, across the width of the alert daily publications that you have posted in like a day over the past years, as it keeps you Facebook on the lookout the anniversary of the establishment of the friends events and birthdays of friends becoming the effective way to track your social life. [divider][/divider]

Instagram where they: push notifications – the story is everywhere.

In the default mode settings rubbed Instagram where they notices intraday for what is happening on the product and can notice it; the news that a friend posted your story first, or that a Facebook friend joined into, or that someone who you follow and broadcasting live video, etc. As long as you didn’t learn in the Settings menu, you can customize the notifications. Some other ways to attract the attention of your platform to share photos, are the stories of Instagram where they that miss out on the stories of snapchat within a year of its launch; because of the Customizing options for filters, graphics, cartoon stickers depending on your location and temperature, because of stimulation of the Permanent problem of the story; when you open the app you see at the top, and appear in surf publications as in the picture, and when you finish watch the story automatically transfers to the next by a fraction of a second. [divider][/divider]

Twitter: psychology in the service analysis

Do you know what drives people to gamble and use machines sloat (machine good luck)? Besides, the probability of winning a substantial amount compared to make a few, it at some point, there is no specific pattern to show results that it considers so the probability of winning and losing based upon each attempt, as well as the application of Twitter, when you pull down shows the control circuit which indicates that there are tweets coming in, and hopes that shows you what interesting thing has been up sometimes and may not arrive at other times, then recovered the ball and down wanting to see what intrigues you. When you open Twitter you, you will see a blue screen and then delayed the appearance of a white bird for a moment, you might think that this was due to the version of the application or the existence of synchronization on the app or a slow phone, but this step multiple Twitter and every time, with a view to delay opening the app to when you pick out the tweets that are displayed to you. This trick used by Facebook into many of the house also. [divider][/divider]

Snapchat: icon enjoy

Cross fire icon next to the name of the profile snapchat on the number of days spent by the user availability on the product, and the source of the interaction between the community of snapchat, though it has not been matched by equivalent, i.e., that the need that drives users to visit snapchat daily may be the fear of the Fu the opportunity of enhancing the number, which they and his loss. And besides, the snapchat was the first to adopt the feature story and the filters of the face. Recently, we learned that snapchat is coming filter of Bitmoji, which is about bringing a photo of your face cartoon body dancing or prints or riding a skateboard. [divider][/divider]

The application Duolingo: the fear of the missed opportunity.

The effect of “FOMO” (fear of Fu branch) is famous in Psychology, and the application Duolingo -months to teach the language -; when you open it for the first time asks for the language you want to study it then asks you for your personal goal on the day, is it one point or 10 points or 50 points?, the And daily should be application of how after achieving your daily goal. Though achieved your goals for consecutive days did not take her to miss a session, you get prizes; open the app only can overcome the fear of the Fu the opportunity to achieve the award. [divider][/divider]

LinkedIn – tabs, and the concept of reciprocity

Network, LinkedIn the former on the arrangement of social networks using one of the methods of Psychology, namely, reciprocity, and obligation towards the community of users, we see that when using the friend request, are contained underneath the list of people you may know, when it “moves the feeling your subconscious to a feeling of commitment to social feel millions of users while leaving the police behind them” as described by Tristan Harris Bank previous have Google. [divider][/divider]

Game Two Dots: colors

If you open your phone now and between the soft focus, you’ll often find apps that you don’t know the existence of it on your phone, that you composed your phone and get used to them so application or two, and that is why developers say the game Two Dots the famous changing colors of the icon of the app periodically to attract the beholder to it. And became the game supports push notifications on in America at three o’clock in the morning, why? Because at the same time, there is another game famous by the name of HQ Trvia offering a contest to broadcast live video to be attended by thousands of Americans through their cell phones, but if you’re a contestant answered one of the questions wrong in the answer or didn’t answer, you’re out of the competition, but you can stay on the broadcast to follow the other racers, and you notice the game Two Dots. [divider][/divider]

Game HQ Trivia: the chance to win money

As already mentioned, however HQ Trivia is famous in America too, where the contest twice a day, says the host in a 12 question, all one after the other, in sync with the display question within the app, including the three options to answer, and 6 seconds to answer each question, and in the end kills the prize, which may reach 15 thousand dollars remaining contestants from the hundreds of thousands of participants. [divider][/divider]

The Tinder app: reduce love to a game superficial

Use the application date when the west, the best known of which Tinder of tactic slots that we have already mentioned, appears the user pulls to the left even find a picture of like The to score to the right, which is what may cause addictive; so much so that the app launched special contributions to the “Plus” and”Gold” for anyone who wants to draw more on the number of the specific day, it may also compare a recent study published by the newspaper The Washington Post. feeling addicted to Tinder drug addicts. [divider][/divider]

The application of Spotify: you’re a special client

The application of Spotify known songs in a unique way. Welcomes you daily with a list of running have been prepared specifically for you, based on your inclinations to some kinds of songs without the other, which is the way followed by all the music services paid.

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