What’s the smart speaker is right for you?

This theme is what the speaker smart right for you? Appeared on Engadget.

Became speakers smart in our areas of great importance in our daily life, where you can give it voice commands to turn lights or music and other things that make our lives much easier.


In this article we’ve selected a distinct group of the best smart speakers available in the market including:

Amazon Echo Dot


Features of this Magnifier smart Assistant to audio Alexa, which has a lot of capabilities which makes it feeds on rivals like Google’s “Google Assistant”, and assistant Siri Apple, also features smart speaker Amazon Echo Dot design, small size also, and comes at a cost of$ 50, and the performance and great sound quality.

The Sonos One


If you are looking for a speaker intelligent voice quality and excellent sound, the Sonos One is the most suitable option for you, is available at a cost of$ 200, where you can buy two smart speakers Sonos One at a cost of almost similar speaker smart Google Home Max or Apple’s HomePod.

Also supports Sonos One voice assistant Alexa will be launching a new version of it later this year, named Assistant to Google profile also, in addition to technical support, Airplay 2 that will enable you to control in this speaker through the voice assistant Siri on your iPhone.

Google Home Mini


This Magnifier is a real contender for Amazon Echo Dot, also supports the assistant to Google the person who beats the Alexa in some cases, and this Magnifier is the best of personal assistance, where it can recognize multiple voices, also uses search engine huge Google to find the answer appropriate to you, is available at a cost of$ 50 also.

Echo Show


Features of this Magnifier screen to have a lot of things for your home, and the availability of this Magnifier at a cost of 230$.

Echo Plus


This comes Magnifier at a cost of$ 150, and features the possibility to synchronize with sensors small your directly.

Apple HomePod


As we know, it supports voice assistant Siri, provides the performance and great sound quality too, but it offers a few broadcasting options to choose from, which means that there are some limitations, but you can dispense it for the experience of the wonderful images that it provides, comes at the cost of 350$.


This theme is what the speaker smart right for you? Appeared on Engadget.

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