What’s up with Bitcoin?

Not long ago we reminisced about the cryptocurrency market. After the real explosion of popularity in the past year, rising to $20,000 for one Bitcoin and the rampant desire to earn a “farm”, as it subsided. The miners ceased to annoy gamers, buying up all the cards, and we about them have forgotten. But now the opposite has happened: Bitcoin has collapsed over the last couple weeks to $3520, than seriously worried investors, returning relevance to doubts about the stability of the cryptocurrency.

If you in some strange way spared the hype around cryptocurrencies, I’ll explain everything in a nutshell: mediocre RX 580 a year ago sold for thousand 15000-18000, instead of 7,000-8,000 real value.

Almost every fan of freebies, not understood previously in computer hardware, rushed to buy the video card stacks to assemble his farm in the balcony and live in a rush. Along with the growth of Bitcoin, there was a bunch of altcoins that can be mined without the purchase of expensive equipment, sharpened by mining. And away we go. To collect more or less a gaming PC has become very expensive and we, nobles, are seriously advised to buy the console and not even look at the prices of components. But after a few painful months, the cost of the cards began to decline and the hype of crypto-currencies subsided.

However, potential investors do not become smaller, many wanted to earn some money on the growth rate of the cryptocurrency. And here, “nakupavshis” yourself a little crypts, slightly sad, looking at the chart of the gradual drop of the most popular currencies. Hoping for the best, the owners of the cryptocurrency did not despair, believing that the dollar is at a 8 Bitcoin at $20,000 and Ethereum for $1300 will again become a reality for new year holidays. It did not happen.

Despite the expectations of many, the value of Bitcoin dropped to $3520, and this is a record fall for the last time. The reason could be the abundance of hacker attacks and theft of account Bitmain very impressive amount (about 5.5 million dollars), and the division of the Bitcoin network Cash, with a subsequent increase in the complexity and lower profitability of Bitcoin mining.

At the moment the cost has risen by a couple hundred, but fundamentally the situation is not changed. Such stagnation has harmed and investors, and large companies that produce equipment for mining. The latter also observed a significant drop in demand for their products.

According to experts, this is not the end of crypto. In theory, Bitcoin only requires investments in the amount of several billion for the recovery rate and further rise in the currency. In such a interest, so it is possible to forecast a gradual increase of the value by 2019. But this is not accurate.

What do you think cryptocurrency is that it?

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