What’s wrong with iPhone 11, the end of the 3D Touch and watchOS selected: week under the sign of Apple

So, that brings me to the end of this incredibly busy week, and the reason for the presentation of new iPhones and not only. As expected, many still have questions for Apple on the outcome of the event. I think almost all of you watched the stream live: however, more importantly, what the presentation didn’t tell us. But about all under the order.

The contents

The presentation of the iPhone 11

Have you noticed that the presentation was more interesting before? I think that many will answer in the affirmative. We showed iPhone 11, but is it revolutionary? I think not. At the same time, I’m not arguing that he’s cool and I might even want to upgrade to him with his tens, but he’s not a revolution. It’s just development of technology, which should be on duty. Dating annual presentations a little far-fetched. Moreover, the much-expected.

11 iPhone — the best iPhone 2019

At the time, everyone was wondering what will be the new smartphone from Apple. Against this background, and the real leaks that have happened, the competitors had to do their supposedly accidental leaks and slightly titerite their products. The only thing that is somehow possible to make a mystery, as is the design. But it leaked in the first place. Remember, when we first saw what Apple showed at yesterday’s presentation. I answer — in the early summer. All that we’ve seen, and from the stage we are stuffed by the fact that any of us could have predicted and no analysts.

One of the latest leaks

The fact that the producers can’t come up with something revolutionary. But does this mean that because of the boring iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro 11 Max (damn, typed these names are longer than the rest of the article) no one will buy? So, of course.

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3D Touch will no longer

As predicted leak, this year, Apple forever buried 3D Touch. For this reason, the module responsible for the detection of the amplified clicks, now missing not only in the Junior iPhone 11, but in the more advanced iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Replaced hardware component software technology called Haptic Touch, which allows you to simulate usual user gestures with holdings. Thus it is possible to call the context menu of the application, view the contents of the links and reply to messages. About this presentation did not say!

Where did 3D Touch

What was the reason for removal 3D Touch future iPhone models, the answer is easy. Most likely, Apple’s decision was influenced by the low popularity of the interface. Despite the fact that some of it really managed to catch the fancy, most still don’t use it, even occasionally, ignoring not only the ability to call a context menu from applications on the desktop, but other features like link preview and messages. In the end, Apple decided just to save on a function that never became popular.

The services Apple will bring her billions

Streaming service Apple TV+ that Apple announced this spring, will officially launch November 1, 2019. The cost of a monthly subscription to Apple TV+ in the USA will be 4.99 dollars, and in Russia — only 199 rubles. This is an unbelievable price, considering that Apple provides users just family sharing. For comparison: Netflix asks for the cheapest pass is $ 8, Hulu is $ 8, and Amazon $ 99 a year (approximately 8.25 dollar a month). Obviously, Apple with these rates just tear rivals apart, but that’s not all.

Buyers of new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, the company will provide free annual access to Apple TV+. As a result, users of branded devices, the company will have the opportunity every year to buy a new gadget and not pay for a subscription at all. This, it seems, was not done still by anybody. As a result, in the first minutes of the presentation of the Apple Netflix shares literally fell apart. And it’s so obvious now they simply have nothing to oppose to Apple TV+.

TV Apple

So soon Apple will not care how many she sold iPhones services will bring her even more.

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watchOS 6 — only for new hours

But it is even more interesting — watch OS 6.0, which Apple is going to release together with iOS iPadOS 13 and 19 September, for the first time in the history of the company first released only for the new models of watches, and only then, after some time, for old. Why? Most likely, the developers faced challenges in adapting the App Store for older models, the performance of which would be enough to pull the directory itself and the apps that will be available in its range. Anyway, this is one of the key innovations watchOS 6that can make Apple Watch more independent than before.

So the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 will receive the update later. Apparently, Apple itself is not sure when will be able to begin to update those models, offering a focus on autumn. First, Apple never allowed myself to upgrade one line at different times regardless of their novelty. It turns out that this time Apple really had serious problems, not overcoming which it took her more time than was initially calculated.

Then why release watchOS 6 some models only, and not to release too late for all — is unclear.

And yet Apple new iPhone equipped with a powerful power adapter 18 watt — it iPhone 11 Pro can power up to 50% in just half an hour. Wait! Share in our Telegram chatthat you liked (or disliked) in the presentation of Apple.

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