What’s wrong with the Autonomous truck from Lebedev Studio?

Movers and truckers at risk of losing their work because soon they will be able to replace robots and trucks with an automatic driving system. The American company engaged in the development of the first year, and very successfully — in the world there are already strong robotic porters, and unmanned truck Volvo already began to take orders. Working on creating the truck that would not require the driver, is conducted in Russia — designer Artemy Lebedev showed how they can look.

Lebedev Studio is known for having developed the logo design of the Bolshoi theatre and has collaborated with such companies as “Gazprom”, “Yandex” and Microsoft. Studio’s work is often criticized (probably all seen the logo of the Burger “Confidor”), but it does not prevent her to take for their work, millions of rubles to obtain the prestigious award. For example, in 2010, the Studio Lebedev was awarded the Reddot Design Award for the idea of installing large monitors at the back of the truck. It was believed that they could show behind trucks cars what happens ahead of thus, drivers of cars could be safer to overtake.

Truck Lebedev

Your own version of unmanned transport for the carriage of goods Studio called “Gronovius”. She positions it as vehicles of the future — he, like an ordinary truck, able to pull a heavy trailer, but does not have the driver’s seat. Instead, on the front of the machine is streamlined screen that separates the counter flow of air into two parts, which wash away the dirt from the containers during movement (the editors did not understand how to wield the power will be “clean” but apparently Lebedev Studio has in this respect their views).

In addition, the additional load on the front axle makes the truck more stable on the road. Inside it, apparently, the batteries and computer, which with the help of cameras and sensors will monitor the road and deliver cargo to the desired location, gently circling cars and obstacles. According to the designers, “Gronovius” will greatly reduce the cost of transportation, because it works on electricity and does not need to rest — a single battery charge should be enough to overcome 200 kilometers. And here at truck Tesla will suffice for as many as 800 kilometers.

Unmanned truck from Volvo

While “Gronovius” is just a figure, an American company Volvo has developed a work truck called Vera. It is much smaller because it has no streamlined screen. Because of this, during the movement of the counter currents of air is practically not prevent it to gain speed — resistance can only create a trailing trailer.

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It is possible that a streamlined screen truck from Artemy Lebedev will create more air resistance, and designers should all abandon it. According to the head of the media group i10.ru Michael Queen, because of the emerging resistance the truck will consume a lot of power, which will decrease the distance that it can travel on a single charge. According to designers, the divided streams of air will rinse the dirt from the containers, but do not be wiser to pay less money per unit than to sacrifice the battery?

Russian unmanned truck

The creation of the design Studio gone on for 43 days. Who will develop such a truck, and see if he’s ever on the roads — is still unknown. At the moment, the development of unmanned trucks in Russia the company does KAMAZ. In 2015, it has presented an unmanned version of the model “KAMAZ-5350”, which is able to distinguish road markings, signs and pedestrians. Director of the company Sergey Kogogin has previously stated that the unmanned trucks will be used by them in 2019, but the sale is not yet come.

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