What’s wrong with the tests for coronavirus?

No matter how disturbing it may seem, but the world accustomed to the coronavirus. Lockdown, mask mode, work remotely and sometimes empty the streets had become a part of everyday life. But the habit of a pandemic does not make the disease Covid-19 less dangerous. Furthermore, who experts warn the worst is yet to come. Today one of the main issues worldwide (in addition to vaccine development) is our ability to identify infected, that’s why mass testing and quality of tests for coronavirus concern not only of scientists. So, in an interview with Wired, social activist, billionaire, and philanthropist Tony stark is bill gates expressed concern about the quality of tests to reveal the presence of virus SARS-CoV-2 in the body. But why? Let’s deal!

Today, many demonize gates, accusing him of deliberately chipping of the population (but how?) and at the same time all the deadly sins. Tell why the American billionaire is actually well done and not reptilians

Tests for coronavirus

Diagnostic test for novel coronavirus infection is commonly known as molecular PCR, during which the doctor takes a swab from a pharynx of the patient, providing samples of cells and fluids from the respiratory tract. Test, according to the British health.ucdavis.eduallows you to identify specific virus SARS-CoV-2 genes. It should be noted that different laboratories for delivery of biological material put forward various demands – one experts recommend not to eat or drink three hours before the test, and in another, patients are asked not to consume alcohol for 24 hours. The cost of the test varies from 1,900 rubles to 7000 rubles and above.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique used in molecular biology. Thanks to PCR testing, the researchers can achieve a significant increase of small concentrations of certain fragments of the nucleic acid in a biological material.

However, some experts have questioned the accuracy of the test results, it is also true indicating that a PCR test is not available to everyone. In Russia the situation with testing is complicated by the fact that the results have to wait long. At the same time, according to news Agency TASS, the total number of tests for coronavirus in our country has exceeded 31 million.

Laboratory worker checks the results of PCR tests for coronavirus

Problems PCR tests

As told in an interview with Wired, one of the founders of Microsoft, bill gates, testing for coronavirus in the United States was “a bad job” which is actually of little use because the results of the tests have to wait long. Most Americans are waiting for a few days, and sometimes weeks to get the results of their tests Сovid-19. The same situation is observed in Russia. Gates believes that the situation can be corrected if the US government will refuse to pay large laboratories for any results that require more than two days. But according to the billionaire, the government doesn’t listen to him.

At the same time the situation with the new coronavirus in the world remains worrying. This is particularly true for those countries that suffered from the outbreaks during the first wave more than others. So, at the time of this writing, according to the website John Hopkins University, USA ranks first in the world in the number of cases Covid-19.

A screenshot of the website of Johns Hopkins University from August 12, 2020

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In an interview with Wired editor Steven levy, gates spoke about the testing companies are “raking in huge sums while providing substandard services”. The inventor is convinced that the government should put an end to enriching the testing companies and pay them only if the test results will be ready within 48 hours. Levy notes that in bill’s voice sounded notes of irritation when he talks about made by the U.S. government mistakes, which resulted in the largest outbreak in the world, with more than 5 million cases and 163 000 deaths. Gates also spoke about his proposal to create a new web site for the Centers for disease control (CDC), which would simplify the tests and monitoring, but his offer was ignored.

Writes Gizmodo, the rate of reimbursement for tests Covid-19 established by the Federal government, with the U.S. centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and is monitored by the appointee trump Seema Verma. Needless to say that the proposals of the gates no one is considering. At the same time , the United States is the only country in the world that spends the most money on tests.

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Bill gates and conspiracy theories

Gates, as you know, warned about the threat of a pandemic during a speech at TED Talks in 2015 and has promised to spend about $1 (us$1.4) billion for vaccine research, and about $100 ($140) million of them will go against the novel coronavirus. I note that an American businessman was guided solely by the opinion of scientists who have for many years predicted the world a new outbreak of infectious disease.

But the Land is rife with rumors and conspiracy theories about the co-founder of Microsoft became widespread on the Internet. Moreover, many seriously argue that the gates are driven by ulterior motives, including a desire to make a profit from vaccines what really just doesn’t make sense because it invests in the development of and receives no financial benefits from its implementation. However, the strangest conspiracy theory States that gates wants to mass microchipping of the population of the planet to (of course) to implant people with tracking devices for their location. About why conspiracy theories about the coronavirus ridiculous, I wrote in this article.

It looks like the antibody test covid-19. Note that the antibody test looks for evidence of immune reactions to the virus. However, in the case of new coronavirus infection, scientists do not fully understand, which means the presence of antibodies to SAS-CoV-2.

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In General, when it comes to PCR testing and the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, it is important to understand that technology does not exist in a vacuum, and many people still do not realize the importance of political decisions during a pandemic. Gates believes, and it is difficult not to agree that first you need to find political solutions to important issues and then to implement technologies that are able to change something.

Currently, however, the situation with the testing and development of a vaccine is more like a competition “who is faster and smarter”, which is secretly lead between world leaders. Meanwhile, the world stands on the threshold of the second wave of the pandemic Covid-19, which – as history has shown – traditionally takes far more lives than the first. Wherefore take care of yourself and loved ones and don’t forget to wash hands thoroughly, to observe a mask mode and measures of social distancing. Still, the coronavirus will not go away. At least not yet.

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