WhatsApp allows users to now redirect certain message to five contacts only every time


Is posted many lies on the platform of WhatsApp, which lies spread over the region like wildfire, thanks to features such as the feature of forwarding messages contacts other contact. And now, I realized that WhatsApp and it said the number of people who you can redirect the messages to them all at once. Now, you can redirect a specific message or specific content to five contacts only at a time. In a press statement has been sent via e-mail, the WhatsApp by saying :

” You can now for all users in the latest version of WhatsApp, re-routing of five contacts only at a time, which helps to keep the WhatsApp is focused on messaging profile with contacts best. “

This comes after a few months of the appearance of the reports in India about the crowd, which resulted in the death of 25 of the victims had been tied on what looks like messages regularly via WhatsApp. As people regularly fake messages along the lines of earthquakes expected, and job offers fake, airline tickets, and false stories that cause panic.

This is the issue that started WhatsApp in addressed : the spread of misleading information and erroneous entries. As you probably know, is the use of WhatsApp by billions of people all over the world, and as a result, this region has seen the spread a lot of misinformation, mostly by the sinners who use the accounts of WhatsApp to spread messages mined news counterfeit.


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