WhatsApp and choose the possibility to browse the web inside the application, and a reverse image search


You WhatsApp like many of the other companies, test new features on their demo application prior to its launch for all users at the global level. The latest features that turns out for us today it is being tested by WhatsApp is the built-in browser within the app and feature a reverse image search.

As is clear from the name, a browser built-in lets you open web pages within WhatsApp itself. This way you won’t have to leave WhatsApp open the links. However, note that you can’t take screen shots or record the screen while using this feature.

The integrated browser within the app should users also when trying to open the new web page may be mined. According to WABetaInfo, the of worry to be the Facebook and WhatsApp and you see what you’re browsing, knowing that these companies have access to your browsing history.

The other feature that you choose WhatsApp is a reverse image search. This feature allows you to raise the image that I received in the conversation on Google to see if they have appeared on the site before. This way, you can check if that image is real or fake. Can be reverse image search in WhatsApp useful in countries like India where it is used widely to disseminate false information.

Been monitoring these features through the WhatsApp application demo for Android which is not currently available for general users. Unfortunately, we don’t have currently any information about whether it will launch these new features for all users when this may happen.


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