WhatsApp application for both iPad and Mac currently running

Indicated one of the recent leaks to the presence of WhatsApp, the official standalone is coming for iPad and Mac.

Is now possible to use WhatsApp for Mac, but it is not perfect. Can’t use the app on its own, which requires a wireless connection to your phone. Is the transfer of all messages, incoming and outgoing, through your iPhone.

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But it’s worse on your iPad, so that there is no WhatsApp official launch, which requires the use of third-party apps perform the same trick posting via API on the web.

But WABetainfo says that WhatsApp is working on converting the messaging service to the platform multi-systems, such as messaging service from Apple. It will be possible after that to use WhatsApp on multiple devices at one time.

No the site has no specific information to develop the Mac, with the only indication is that there will be “desktop”, but since that company has already applied the Mac to the side of the Windows application, this looks like a safe bet.

Says WABetainfo that this project is the reason to postpone the application of the WhatsApp for iPad official: police wanted to wait for its approach to real multi-systems.

Encryption processing from end-to-end on multiple devices is difficult, since the communication is encrypted on the device itself. I have the Apple TV solution for service messages, which are encrypted end-to-end also. Instead of using a public key one to identify you to other participants in the chat, Apple used a set of these: one for each device. Likely to take WhatsApp to the same approach.

There is a risk of increased security with this approach, where the device can again join the chat if he has the right of access to the public key. For this reason send Apple a message to all participants when you add a new device to the chat.

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