WhatsApp beta comes with continuous playback messages the acoustic lens to direct the messages


The beholder closely for updates and the beta which launches WhatsApp application, finds that most of the features coming with this version is dispensable, or too late to enable it for all users formally, for example, the feature operation voice messaging continuous, in other words listening to voice messages, cascading without the need to press on the screen, this feature is very we saw in the previous version. “experimental” since last year.

And now it is returned and also on the trial version download number version WhatsApp 2.19.86, therefore with this feature there is no need to continue to run each message, and the importance of this feature with the contacts that continue to send voice messages instead of chat text, in addition Know voice messaging is now the name of the file.

In relation to the addendum of the other, namely the counter for the option of “forwarding messages”, where you can simply click any message you re-routed, and in the information display, you can know the number of times sent, and will contain messages that were sent more than five times on a two shares to classify them as sent frequently, perhaps this step is targeted to a news and rumors false.

Finally the version of WhatsApp 2.19.86 “beta”, is currently available to users participating in the community Demo App Store and Google Play, or you can get it directly via the download it file the the APK from here.

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