WhatsApp bring changes to apply them to combat false news and rumors

واتس آب تجلب تغييرات لتطبيقها لمحاربة الأخبار الكاذبة والشائعات

Help the social networks, dramatically increasing the spread of false news which lead in some States to acts of violence and killing, the WhatsApp – owned Facebook – one of the leading methods which help to increase the spread of rumors in such countries as India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Works WhatsApp to make radical changes to develop, which would limit the ability of users to spread the news fake, so you won’t be able to App users forwarding messages to a large number of people at once.

According to the Don published by the company on the official blog, The plan is based on reducing the number of people that the user can forward the message to them, which slows down the – in theory – the rapid spread of news of counterfeit online. On a global level, the user will be able to forwarding a message to 20 people at the most, once in a while its to 5 people only in India after the previous limit of 250 people.

In addition, WhatsApp will remove the option of re-routing the rapid “quick forward” for users in India, a choice is usually next to the multimedia messaging allows quickly share them with other users.

Do you think that technical companies are able to hide the false news to curb the spread of? Are there other strategies can be followed to cope with the problems arising from the spread of rumors? Share your opinion in the comments.


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