WhatsApp bring stickers emoji for its application on the Android

Labels are expressive of things that most would prefer users rely on the messaging apps of its own, but yet – for some reason – wasn’t available on the most popular messaging app in the world.

Finally announced the WhatsApp through its code official to bring the stickers emoji Stickers officially to the application on the Android platform, which will make the chat and exchange of messages via the app more fun and easy, as WhatsApp with some of the artists and relied on its designers to create a package of stickers.

In addition, it was confirmed that WhatsApp – owned by Facebook – they will pack a poster from a third party where the inclusion of the programming interface to facilitate developers to create a sticker pack of their own.

While the announced WhatsApp that the posters will reach all the users share over the next few weeks, it has got many users on the new feature already.

You can be sure to get posters via update app to the latest version available via the Play Store. If I got on this water we shared your experience in the comments.

The post WhatsApp brings stickers emoji for its application on the Android platform was first deployed in the are.

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