WhatsApp Business Business Start access to iPhone!

WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business began to availability on stores in the App Store for the iPhone and iOS system, in a step too late, after providing the app for Android since January 2018. Application WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business the availability of the beta version for the iPhone about a month ago and now it looks like he’s ready to launch officially.تطبيق واتس آب بيزنس للأعمال يبدأ في الوصول إلى الآيفون!

تطبيق واتس آب بيزنس للأعمال يبدأ في الوصول إلى الآيفون!

Until now I didn’t know WhatsApp was officially about the availability of the application WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business on the iOS platform for iPhone but that app actually began appearing on store the App Store in several countries around the world such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and France.

تطبيق واتس آب بيزنس بدأ في الظهور على متجر الآب ستور في بعض الدول

WhatsApp Business began appearing on stores in the App Store in some states

Application WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business the business will be launched in the rest of the state over the next few days, so maybe you have to wait if not available now in-store the App Store in your country.

What is the application WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business to business?

WhatsApp Business Business is a special version of the application Watts August dedicated to companies and business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with clients and customers.

The application contains many additional features compared to the application of Watts August as normal as the possibility of creating a special page for adding detailed information such as employment details and e-mail and the title of the work or the store and so on.

طبيق واتس بيزنس WhatsApp Business للأعمال

Medical the WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business Business

The app also provides the feature to send quick responses to the most common customer questions and letters of verification letters temporary when you are offline, it also provides you statistics on your customers. Also will be highlighted in your account to facilitate recognition.

Contains application WhatsApp Business – Next to the characteristics of the former – on all the other advantages in the application of the WhatsApp regular, like making calls and sending photos, videos and more. And you can install two applications simultaneously on your device, but using a telephone number distinctive for each of them.

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