WhatsApp can be hacked by using a video. Urgently update the app!

Can be completely different attitude to Facebook, but the fact that the company has a lot of problems in the sphere of security and of security of personal data is difficult to deny. Have often owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the WhatsApp messenger criticized the fact that it’s quite easy to crack. All new ways of hacking forced the developers to release patches almost every day. And so, it became known that some malicious video in MP4 format, sent to you in WhatsApp could allow attackers to access your phone.

Never happened, and here again, in discovered WhatsApp vulnerability

How to hack WhatsApp with help of a video file?

If you haven’t updated WhatsApp on your phone recently, you should do it right now. Facebook has released a new version of the app which fixes a hole in the security system that can be used to gain remote access to messages and files stored in the memory of your smartphone or tablet. Such urgent news we regularly publish on our portal. So subscribeto be informed and not to expose confidential information at risk.

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But back to the topic. Using a specially crafted video file format MP4, hackers were able to access files and messages on the versions of WhatsApp for all popular mobile platforms — iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. The problem was discovered recently and potentially threatens an enormous number of users. Associated vulnerability, if you strongly not to go into the technical details of buffer overflow CVE-2019-11931. In a special way modified the video regularly sent information to him, after which he was filled and hung, opening a backdoor for cyber criminals access to the internal memory of messendzhera and devices.

A buffer overflow with the use of modified files in WhatsApp can be triggered by sending a specially crafted MP4 file to the user. The problem was discovered when parsing the metadata when you transfer the files to the users of the platform. This can lead to a DDoS attack and the leakage of sensitive information. — said representatives of cybersecurity companies Facebook.

How to know that your device is compromised? Despite the fact that Facebook assured that serious cases of leakage of personal information has not been recorded (or is not), you still need to go to the app store and check for updates for WhatsApp. At the moment, the vulnerable are the next version of the program:

  • WhatsApp for Android to 2.19.274
  • WhatsApp for iOS to 2.19.100
  • WhatsApp for Windows Phone version 2.18.368 and below
  • As well as those who are using WhatsApp Business the 2.19.104 for Android and iOS below 2.19.100

If you have more than a new build of WhatsApp, do not worry. You’re safe. However, this information raises two very important points. The first is, of course, the question of the importance of keeping applications up to date to avoid potential problems in the field of data security. And the second is how we can trust big companies with your data? After all, over and over again on their platforms (and it is not only about Facebook) have the means, and strive to steal information about you. The second question is that, alas, remains unanswered.

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