WhatsApp choose a feature that would allow users to limit who can add groups

واتس آب تختبر ميزة ستسمح للمستخدمين تحديد من يمكنه إضافتهم للمجموعات

Expect a copy of the test for the application messaging WhatsApp, where they recently saw the app on the Android system version tested, and come with the complete change of the interface settings, change the largest experienced by the storage section of the data, and today there is a version of the test other support system other iOS device, and choose the company’s new feature will make it easy for users to control whether they want to add to a group.

Turn this feature is more like a mechanism of control support that allows users to specify who can add them to the group, WhatsApp, will its transition to the Settings app and then the account down to privacy and ending groups.

To this feature lets users to three variables, and their role when they want a draft set added to the set, where the first option would be “everyone” which will allow anyone to add a user to a group without having to call, the third option is “contact me”, where will only for the definition in your contact list users add user to group, and there will be two others sent an invitation to the user, which can be accepted or rejected.

The second option is the “but one” where will the sentence from the add users to group WhatsApp, in other words you cannot add a user directly in the group, that gets asked every time he wants someone to add it to the group.

Finally, will users take action on the invitation to the group within 72 hours of receipt before the expiry of its validity, once the call expiration, no users can join a group only when it sends the admin to invite the other, however users will be able to join a group WhatsApp through call through a link group regardless of the settings of the invitation to their group.

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