WhatsApp choose a payment and transfer money between users



Momentum with WhatsApp to improve the income of Facebook, which paid a huge amount, yesterday, officially launched a special version of its application for companies, and today received reports about the selected payment service and financial analysis across the the main app to chat in India.

Started WhatsApp choose an experimental feature on 1% of its users in India, a country that is characterized by the widespread use of WhatsApp and its reliance on payment via mobile phones heavily.

India Unified payment system allows transfer of funds between bank accounts without commissions. Thus, Facebook will Google with its service Tez and other companies and also Government of India which have application to BHIM.

Currently it is testing the conversion from person to person via WhatsApp, but the logical future expansion of service to include analysis companies and even pay for purchases through it.

Challenge for WhatsApp is that the government bodies responsible for the banking system in India want to monitor the flow of payments and transfers made through the app, this is not possible with the encryption of WhatsApp.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp had 200 million users from India alone and there will be a suitable environment to launch such services, which compensation the financial returns through the companies where they are receiving the payments purchases through them.


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