WhatsApp choose the sharing feature of the situation on the Facebook app and other apps

Work Facebook, to connect their services and applications through the access to watch the case of WhatsApp to the Facebook application.

واتساب تختبر ميزة مشاركة الحالة على تطبيق فيسبوك والتطبيقات الأخرىWhatsApp choose sharing feature need to other applications

Started WhatsApp is testing a new idea to the users on their application consists in making available the participation of the publications of the case of the application to other applications; where you can now see the situation directly on the feature story in the Facebook app main, or on Instagram where they, or even on the application of Gmail and the Google Voice.

There will also be a direct link to watch the situation between WhatsApp and apps Facebook other especially because of the feature Case (story) on the three applications, but that will not mean connecting applications with or merge data.

Was Facebook working to connect their applications with by making the conversation from one application to another with ease, but that means the collection of data of the parties and integrated into all services, which is a sensitive issue of privacy being the mission doesn’t use all the apps of the company.

Either way the current watch status in WhatsApp, they use the applications user interface APIs that exist on Android and iOS.

But who knows, the desk said previously that it will not collect user data, they only started to collect them later, maybe this site here.

It is indicated that the new feature has arrived for users of the beta version for testing, and perhaps soon reach to the rest of the users of the application WhatsApp after to make sure.


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