WhatsApp choose to share your stories on the region in the feature story on the Facebook


Add the trial version to the latest of WhatsApp, the new feature should be controversial at least, and share your stories on WhatsApp and on Facebook. However, this does not mean link your account in WhatsApp with your account in Facebook, the company confirms that they use application programming interfaces ( API ) basic data exchange systems Android and iOS.

This means that you can also share the stories on WhatsApp with your other apps, such as Instagram, Gmail, Google Photos, etc. When you share data to another service owned by Facebook, such as Instagram, the company says that the publication will be separated into their systems, and will not be linked.


Shows the option to participate down your stories in the application of WhatsApp demo. In the case if you are wondering about it, we ask the name of the story to publications that are published in a WhatsApp Status which include images, text and videos with the knowledge that they disappear after 24 hours of publication. Owns the feature story in fact students or rather WhatsApp Status is now more than 500 million daily active users, and next year is the year you will start to see the ads in this place on WhatsApp.

You should share your story manually with another application, there is no way to do this automatically. This is in accordance with the manner in which the design of the app, the WhatsApp want you to take care of by on its platform daily, and not something you set up once and then forget.


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