WhatsApp confirm users that their data is safe



It is common knowledge that WhatsApp is one of precious property to buy facebook, and during the current stage there is a sensation you do not parent company Facebook about the issue of leaking users data to the company Cambridge Analytics. In the meantime happened to the Facebook policy to be more understanding and receptive by the pioneers of the network, and WhatsApp other have posted a new section for common questions, rest assured its users that their data communications are very safe.

What is particularly interesting is that this addition to the FAQ may came after a long period of leadership of one of the founders of WhatsApp and the previous two recommendations users to delete their account from Facebook, so it is possible that the company may have felt the force of this recommendation as well as the recent uproar that hit Facebook.

Regarding the Addendum she came as follows:

“We believe your privacy and therefore, all messages and information exchanged through WhatsApp and protected through full consultation, that would guarantee you that no one, including WhatsApp, can read the content of deleted messages and eavesdrop on your calls, except for you and the other party that you are communicating with”

Also the company focused in this Add-On Application WhatsApp business “of the company WhatsApp to deliver your messages encrypted fully to the business you write, but I must alert you that when you communicate with a commercial activity, may see many of the people who work for this business activity of your messages, in addition to that, you might have some organizations that use the solutions WhatsApp large enterprises to other companies to manage communication with their clients, like you save your messages and read and respond to them, Thus speaks the business you expect to deal with the responsibility of dealing with your messages, as stipulated in its privacy policy”

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