WhatsApp fill a gap hacked phones with a video

I sent WhatsApp a security update to apply the official came close the security hole serious I recently discovered that allows hackers to control user’s computer remotely and access to his letters, files stored on it using the only video clip MP4.

Gap, our theme is the same number CVE-2019-11931 can be exploited through the creation of video mp4 special allows hackers remote access to the user computer without any intervention from it.

Featured gap in women older than version 2.19.274, on Android and 2.19.100 on the iPhone.

No information on the prevalence of loopholes and misuse of the Pirates, but it seems he was targeting specific people, where the reports of dozens of teachers, academics, lawyers, journalists, the victim of a gap in India.

Here we recommend you download and install the latest update available for WhatsApp on the app store of your phone immediately.

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