WhatsApp finally supports the feature of call waiting, but without the suspended

Got WhatsApp on Android and iOS the new update with the support for Call Waiting and more.

In regular calls, when someone call you the same time to make a phone call, there are two options, the first giving the caller a message that you’re busy, or give a ringing call with the wait, in contrast with the service of the VOIP there are very few services that support this, the application WhatsApp not up to this moment, where I got the app on the new update supports Android and iOS, and with the pat the application supports the feature of call waiting.

Where in the past, when someone tries to call you on WhatsApp and you at the same time a call via the app, here will the person ringing but will not be answered so that they will disconnect it for you, there was no way to know that it happens during a call, where you’ll only notice a missed call immediately after the completion of the current call, then added a WhatsApp notification is small to callers to tell them that the recipient is already on another call.

Now everything is completely different, where if you receive a second call when talking to someone, then rang the phone you will notice, and you can either reject this second call and the first call, or end current call and accept the incoming call.

واتساب يدعم أخيرًا ميزة انتظار المكالمات ولكن بدون تعليقهاWhatsApp finally supports the feature of call waiting, but without suspension of

In addition to this feature, allow you to new privacy settings to control who can add you to the groups, so go to Settings and then Account down to privacy and the end of groups to start, as now you can open WhatsApp through insight, you can activate this setting by moving to the tab privacy in the Settings app.

Finally, the update of WhatsApp that is currently available to all users of Android and iOS, and to download it go here or here respectively.

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