WhatsApp fix a serious vulnerability that allowed to install the software spy sophisticated

Repair service Instant Messaging WhatsApp a security flaw in the app allowed hackers to install spyware on the phones affected, it was said that an unknown number of Pirates had taken were already holes in to install the spy software of high quality such as those commonly sold to the state.

Discovered service WhatsApp – owned by Facebook – the gap beginning of the month of May. She took advantage of a glitch in the voice dialing feature provided by the app to allow install spy software on the device to which it relates, either answered the call or not.

Found WhatsApp to software business “Pegasus” Pegasus – developed by the “group of the S or” NSO Group, the Israeli – benefited from the gap, which is the software that it sells usually for governments to spy on citizens.

The company said: she suspected that a relatively small number of users were targeted, especially the ability to exploit vulnerabilities limited to the actors developed and motivated high.

Once the alert WhatsApp to the presence of Gap, the company said: it took less than 10 days to make the required changes to its infrastructure that makes the attack invalid. After that, I sent an update to the users are more than the gap.

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The company said in a statement: “encourages the WhatsApp people to upgrade to the latest version of our application, as well as the updated mobile operating system of their own, with a view to protection from sexual exploitation of the potential target and to penetrate the information stored on portable devices”.

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