WhatsApp got one of the paid features YouTube

Every single beta update of WhatsApp gives us a small idea of what may happen in future full-fledged (public) updates of the application, but provided that this does not apply to mode “picture in picture”. Informed third-party developers have repeatedly found in the code of the beta version of the popular messenger mentioning new features, but its full realization, we have waited until now.

New feature WhatsApp will work in the entire application interface

In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android version 2.19.177 finally added the ability to view a video that is both group and in normal chat, in the mode of “picture in picture”. This allows you to watch any of the received (or sent) a video and go in and out of the chat without stopping playback — as is happening at present.

For those who sends and/or receives a lot of video from their contacts, it will be a great innovation. We have seen many apps that have got this function for a considerable time later, and WhatsApp is no exception. And although the “picture in picture” has been the developers much earlier in the previous beta versions of WhatsApp we have not seen.

When playing the video chat will be appended to the name of the recipient, so you know what chat you are browsing. Given that in the past we have been teasing mode “picture in picture”, it’s nice to see that WhatsApp finally testing this feature in your beta program.

The function of “picture in picture” will appear in the next public version of WhatsApp

As with any beta updates, there is no information when this feature might appear in the next public update WhatsApp, but that it will be implemented and will be available to all users, no doubt.

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