WhatsApp is experiencing a malfunction allows to manipulate messages

Cooperation platform WhatsApp for instant messaging bug allows manipulation of communications, said cyber-security expert who found a way to break through WhatsApp and manipulation of messages: if Facebook failed to address the defects, after a year of alert social media network.

The researchers said in the cyber-security firm Check Point Check Point: they’re discovered in August of last year new loopholes through which a hacker to intercept messages sent in private conversations and collective and manipulated.

These gaps for attackers to create and publish false information from sources assumed to be reliable.

And problems using the quote in conversation to change the identity of the sender, even if this person is not a member of the group, adjusting the text response of another person, send a private message specialized message public for everyone to watch in another group, so that when the individual target, to be his message visible to everyone in the conversation.

Anddemonstrated cyber-security firm that the application of WhatsApp, which was bought by Facebook in 2014, failed to solve the problems which still exist even today.

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Said one Vanunu Oded Vanunu, head of Vulnerability Research in organizations in a company security, in his speech in the conference (Black Hat) internet security: if Facebook threw in with regard to with Whatsapp on restrictions that can not be solved because of the structure of product architectures.

At the said Check Point: she’s launched a tool to use security holes in the WhatsApp allows users to implement processes to manipulate in order to increase awareness of this issue.

Team showed cyber-security firm how the tool can be used to change the text within the communications policy, which makes it seem as if the person had written something, didn’t write it.

He said Vanunu: you can change what someone is saying entirely, you can deal with each character in quotes, the tool also attackers to change how to determine the sender of the message, which makes it possible to attribute a comment to a different source.

Recall that the messaging application owned look has as of early 2018, more than 1.5 million users, with more than billion range, and 65 million SMS sent daily.

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