WhatsApp is taking additional steps to combat the spread the news fake and false information


Due to the fact that his application of the correspondence used by millions and millions of users all over the world, no wonder WhatsApp is also home to the processes of analysis, dissemination of spam and misinformation also. The company recently gave some new features to help users identify messages that have been forwarded to them, now take additional steps to strengthen it.

According to WhatsApp, it has stated by saying : ” today, we are going to launch a test for of redirects that will be held by each person using the WhatsApp. In India, where they send people more messages, photos and videos more than any other country in the world, we also have a minimum of 5 chats at one time and we will remove the button fast reroute next to the messages MMORPG “.

Basically, will WhatsApp now limit the number of messages that can be forwarded to one payment in the hope that this will lead to reduce the number of unwanted messages and misinformation received by the users. And, of course, will not lead that to curb the spread of misinformation completely, but by limiting the number of messages sent at once, we hope that this allows for other users to warn the sender that it shared the wrong information, which may allow him to stop participate in early.

You WhatsApp that they would test these changes in India only at the moment, so if you are not in India, you won’t see it now.



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