WhatsApp launched group video calls are a way to make

Announced the WhatsApp from calls in last May puts the annual F8 developers, and yesterday evening started to release water to the users of Android and iOS.

Supports group video calls up to 4 people at the moment, the company says the water is ready for use with a communication network at least of the quality as usual they are encrypted to the end as text messages, which means that it can access only its edges.

With the knowledge that the water began to launched yesterday for they will not be available to everyone now, but our experience can select a group of contacts and click on the button video calls or draw down within the video call to the individual and add another contact as described in the steps below:

The steps for making group video calls:

1) Open WhatsApp and head to the contact.

2) click on the button to the video call the top of the screen.

3) drag down and click on any contact.

4) then click on the Add button as above.

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