WhatsApp launches new tools for business to help them profit in a direct manner

واتساب تطلق أدوات جديدة للأعمال لمساعدتها على الربح بطريقة مباشرة

Announced WhatsApp announced the launch of three new tools for business that aims to connect companies and businesses with users and facilitate communication in a while, but at the same time will be a source of income directly to the company through the fees it would impose on companies.

And WhatsApp tool to request information from companies, where users can request the shipping information or the traffic ticket or even provide a phone number on the site, which would help companies to communicate directly with users through the app with ease.

Also launched a tool for conversation with the companies, which enables users to communicate with the company by clicking on the icon of the conversation on the official website or via its Facebook page.

This will be the third addendum to the dedicated companies are the largest companies to provide users support the changes that occur in the work of the police or provide information about their products, in addition to solving problems related to customer through support.

And WhatsApp users will have the ability to fully control these messages, and she talked about being the new tools are safe to use and unobtrusive, so that firms will pay for each message up to users via the app which is what makes her say the selection of messages.

Aim and Facebook through it to make a profit directly from the app, especially with the slow growth in the number of users recently and the difference of his nature with the Facebook or Instagram where they will be in the possibility to display ads. Of course, such tools have the potential to achieve a lot of income to the company because of the size of the App users, which reached 1.5 million users.

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