WhatsApp launches payment service via the app and start from Brazil

Join WhatsApp to electronic payment services global with the support of Service Facebook Facebook Pay and start with Brazil.

واتساب تطلق خدمة دفع عبر التطبيق والبداية من البرازيل -- WhatsApp

Announced company WhatsApp announced the launch of a payment service provider through the conversations in the app, allowing users to send money to friends, family members, and payment for purchases and services via the stores Facebook with ease. Will begin new service from Brazil which is one of the most important global markets for the parent company, Facebook.

Payment service via WhatsApp will be supported by the service Facebook Pay the parent company, in the sense that it can be used through the same information.

It is also supported by several financial institutions, banks and Brazilian, to be able to do bank customers use their credit cards to the service.

You WhatsApp that the service would receive payment of about 10 million micro-projects in Brazil to improve their sales especially the shadow of the current situation.

The service would be protected characteristics such as fingerprint and PIN code to ensure user privacy and the access of any person to information their own.

And speaking of service fees, they will be free to users in the event of send money and receive them from friends or family members, as well as payment processes to purchase products via the stores Facebook, and there will be a fee of money to the owners of the shops and projects when you receive funds as part of the conversion process.

It should be noted that the service is started access to WhatsApp users in Brazil start to make it available for more users in the near future.

The company had announced its intention to launch electronic payment service in India since last year but it didn’t launch there now.



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