WhatsApp makes it easy to take voice communications and visible beauty

تطبيق واتس آب يجعل من السهل إجراء اتصال صوتي ومرئي جماعي

Feature “Group calls” on WhatsApp is not new, as it began to appear in the beta version since May of last year, was launched to everyone in June of the same year, but still many users do not know of their existence, the reason is not provided on the contact array, where first you start by contacting one person and then add other participants.

In another context that wasn’t available only a few weeks before, where in the trial version for the application, created a new connection option easy the process of connecting audio-visual collective, and now was to provide this feature officially to all users, and specifically with the stable version of WhatsApp 2.19.17.

In respect of this button is available top right of all the group chats, and when clicked lets you choose which contacts you want to talk to her and start a voice call or video with it, to claim it Call 4 people, therefore it is a big improvement over the way it was done to make a conference call earlier.

تطبيق واتس آب يجعل من السهل إجراء اتصال صوتي ومرئي جماعي

Finally updated WhatsApp up gradually to users, in the case of non-arrival you wait a few more days, or download it as an APK from here.

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