WhatsApp put an end to the mess to join groups of random

واتس آب تضع حد لفوضى الانضمام للمجموعات العشوائيةWhatsApp put an end to the mess to join groups of random

WhatsApp put an end to the mess to join groups of random

Easy to believe that the application of instant famous WhatsApp is not offering this feature before, about the feature or how to call any group in the application that uses it to read 2 million users around the world.

The only option you have before the day was join saga to any group to decide any person attached to him, just because he owns your phone number, then after that you suddenly find yourself in a group maybe you don’t know anything about it, you can time to get out of the group, and reporting if desired.

Anyway I come late better than not to come at all, from today there will be the possibility to reject any call Lai group on WhatsApp.

The new update will allow you to control who can include you to the group :

  • Any person, which is the current situation meant for everyone, if you want to keep it, that would be your decision.
  • Contact list on your phone only, therefore anyone registered with you can attach them without permission
  • Finally (not one), and in this case nobody will ever hug me if I send you an invitation link to the garage on street private between you and him .

This new feature appeared to already have some a little while ago, and to all users of the application on the platform of the Apple and Google Play, during the next few days.

Upon the arrival of this feature to the app on your phone, you’ll find it by going to (Settings – Account – Privacy – groups) .

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