WhatsApp raise the minimum age to 16 years in Europe

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Establishment of companies large technical during the financial period in the modernization of their own terms and laws to be in line with the data protection laws of the European GDPR before entering her development on 25 May, this is the reason why the photo sharing service Instagram owned by Facebook is quick, for example, by providing a tool to download data, as well as the service of instant messaging WhatsApp, also owned Facebook to make a big change as a result of European laws.

Is this change, which has the reference to it within the page technical support Faqs, the raising of the minimum age for users of the messaging application to 16 years within the “European area”, which includes all the countries of the European Union and non European Union such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom which should leave the European Union next year, while keeping the minimum age to use WhatsApp 13 years in the United States.

And messaging service, which owns more than 1.5 million active users, Users in the countries of the European Region confirm that they are at the age of 16 or over as part of the new terms of service and Privacy Policy supposedly updated over the next few weeks, but the question that remains unanswered is how will you make sure WhatsApp from currency clause other than they only require a mobile phone number to function the app.

Said WhatsApp she’s not asking for any new rights to collect personal information in the Convention established by the European Union, she added: “our goal is to simply explain how we use and protect the limited information we have about you,” he announced service it will allow users to download the report explains in detail the data that needs it, such as the user device make and model and its manufacturer, Contacts, and groups and numbers are prohibited.

And European laws of the new world, as well as modify privacy on the network since the birth of the internet, which gives Europeans the right to know what data is stored about them and to delete them, as it gives the new laws and the regulators the ability to impose fines on companies of up to 4 percent of the total revenue of the global annual or 20 million euros, whichever is greater, for failure to meet the requirements of the data protection new strict.

And is exposed to the messaging application WhatsApp, which was founded in 2009, said Facebook in 2014 to get in a deal worth $ 19 million, under pressure from some European governments in recent years because of its use consult the comprehensive plan to share user data with its parent company, since the malfunction of European producers in 2017 to move the WhatsApp to change its policy and let it share users ‘ phone numbers and other information with Facebook to use in relation to targeted advertising and other uses.

Stopped the messaging service to the effect that the change in Europe after the audit by legislators, and signed an undertaking in the month of March with the Office of the information Commissioner in the UK not to share any data for EU citizens with Facebook until the intervention of the laws of the GDPR comes into force, but returned several days ago and stated she wanted to continue to share data with Facebook at some point, she said: “as we have said in the past, we want to work more closely with companies and other Facebook in the future, we will work to provide information about the latest developments during our development plans”.

WhatsApp raise the minimum age to 16 years in Europe

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