WhatsApp reveal support for Android Gingerbread until 2020

واتساب تكشف عن دعمها لإصدار أندرويد Gingerbread حتى عام 2020

As of last month, was the version of Android Gingerbread known as “Android ginger,” the owner of the version number 2.3 still works with 0.3% of all android devices, has appeared to these women by 8 years from now, it seems that the keenness of the WhatsApp on users comes before all anything, after all anything that confirms the last statement of the WhatsApp that their application will copy this system until 2020.

Specifically on 1 February 2020, which coincides actually with the retirement of WhatsApp for Apple iOS 7, care of that this system is not old, since first appeared in 2013 along with the iPhone 5S.

To come this time and will not be able to WhatsApp users from access to the service, the company owned originally for Facebook that no longer is offered features for these platforms and warns that some of these devices may stop working at any time due to incompatibilities with newer versions of the app.

Apart from the relatively low number of these users, the retirement of support for those two may have something to do with the plans of the Facebook messaging service, finally at the present time confirmed that WhatsApp has already said that it will be ending support system Nokia S40 on 31 December this year, given the relatively low number of users who use a version of Android Ice Cream 4.0 will not be surprising to see the announcement in the near future in respect of non-support WhatsApp no.

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