WhatsApp set limits for messages forwarded

واتس اب تضع حدود للرسائل المعاد توجيهها
WhatsApp set limits for messages forwarded

WhatsApp set limits for messages forwarded

In its efforts to combat the news false that spread across the app, especially in India, the biggest market application of watts in August, the administration decided app put new rules relating to communications forwarded .

A few weeks ago added app label the top of the forwarded messages to determine the recipient from the fact that the content is genuine and is trading through the app for .

In WOT:: WhatsApp start to distinguish the forwarded messages

Decisions to develop new WhatsApp

Today, via a blog app official there are several new resolutions :

  • Any user of the application around the world can redirect a maximum of 20 letters at a time only
  • In India specifically, that number drops to 5 messages at a time only
  • Also decided to App delete the relationship by re-routing that appear above the forwarded messages

India had experienced a wave of violence and kidnapping turns out it’s because of the promotion of false through the application that uses it there are only approximately 300 million users.

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