WhatsApp sign displays the Facebook business and shows more signs of dark mode

App WhatsApp adds the relationship to the Facebook brand on its duties, as well as more support for the dark.

واتساب يعرض علامة فيس بوك التجارية ويُظهر المزيد من علامات الوضع المُظلمWhatsApp sign displays the Facebook business and shows more signs of dark mode

Announced on Facebook earlier, it’s going to rename all of the application WhatsApp and the application of Instagram to show users that both services are part of them, and now the company is applying this resolution on WhatsApp at the beginning, where in the latest version of demo application WhatsApp on Android, added brand new, in addition, there are more signs of dark mode and wait for the hard.

In respect of the new brand, was putting the word “the”from FACEBOOK” on the start screen in the app as well as the bottom of the settings page, as for the weight of the dark, many of the elements in the app now follow the setting at the system level in versions of Android 10 and 9, including the start screen using the Home screen as well as the background of the conversation, and continue the rest of the pages of the application “list chat, status, call log, settings” in white.

Finally, all of these changes are currently available in the version of the test application WhatsApp v2.19.331 and you can download them via file the APK from here.

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