WhatsApp start to ban users of the app under the age of 16 years !

واتساب تبدأ بحظر مستخدمي التطبيق

A new car rate is supposed not to start the 25 of May, but as it seems to have started now in action, where the fact students modify the default action to prevent them the right to use the application from 13 years to 16 years. Where indicated some users of the app in Britain that the app stopped working and was blocked after the appearance of the letter asking them to prove he surpassed the 16 years !
Confirm that you’re at least 16 years old

WhatsApp start to ban users of the app under the age of 16 years !

The new policy relies on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European there are indications the structure of reality students this policy applies to all countries of the world, not here you do it practically, but in the event it will require those who are under the age of 16 years to prove to do the opposite by pressing on the message that will appear on the app after the prohibition of the use of it and follow steps to prove the age of the user.

The application will allow those who download a backup of their data, whether they prove to work or not. Version includes both small and large application list of friends who have been blocked by a user application.

The question that may comes to mind other about how where the app to work the user’s real and if what a child or young other stages of age. To come to the answer default on those applications that businesses know about users more than they know about themselves.

Enough we are the link between the application of WhatsApp and Facebook as they follow the same administration for the same owner, let’s get you to the user try to change without being aware.

Twitter, Google, Qualcomm Chatham they didn’t know until the moment on the European policy of the New is not accepted nor rejected and the structure of their application of this policy on the users of their apps, as did the students?

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