WhatsApp starts testing feature to see if the user is in the stories of Facebook

Spotted a new feature in the demo version of your application WhatsApp allows users to watch the situation in Stories Facebook.

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Use the company Facebook update apps actually tweet / Instagram with the to deal better with the application of Facebook, in trial version for WhatsApp monitoring feature allows user to share in the stories of Facebook.

And work requires this feature pairing the user’s account in WhatsApp with Facebook account also, where a company uses Facebook the traditional way followed to participate in the interface code for the application landed the iOS app.

So the user can also later share WhatsApp with apps Instagram, gym, mile, apply Google images, etc. from choices to participate, as the company noted on Facebook that even with the share data with other applications the company will keep each published separately in the system.

Recall that a feature present in the application WhatsApp is trying to feature the story in other applications, where the user can watch a video, or publish the text in the profile or photos also which disappear within 24 hours, with water already more than 500 million daily active users at the current time.


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