WhatsApp warning of taking legal action against the parties that control the use of its platform


WhatsApp is a platform most popular chat in the world. Use this area to communicate very widely, and this is what resulted in the need to confront some of the challenges. In fact, I’ve had company WhatsApp to take several steps to ensure no abuse of its platform and its use in the dissemination of false information. Threat to WhatsApp and now to take legal action against even those who claim they have the ability to abuse the use of this product has shown many companies their ability to do so.

The WhatsApp recently to ban many users who are using modified versions of the application, and you block millions of accounts monthly to combat content spam and fake. Moreover, it has also the right of the number of times you can redirect the messages to prevent the spread of rumors quickly on its platform.

However, revealed reports that preceded the general election in India, that the versions of WhatsApp amended, is still widely used in the country to bypass the restrictions set by the company WhatsApp to combat the content is fake and annoying. Provides marketers, digital services such as delivery of mass messages WhatsApp in markets such as India, Nigeria, and Indonesia. So that some companies in India allow people to send messages at once on WhatsApp from unknown numbers through the web site.

Warned the WhatsApp again from taking legal action against these companies, even those who claim that they have the ability to bypass restrictions set by WhatsApp to combat content spam. However, I didn’t explain to us WhatsApp much the type of legal actions to be taken by the company in the right all of going to use its platform.

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