WhatsApp warns users of false messages and

WhatsApp is studying some methods to prevent spam


“If you don’t send it to ten people, will become WhatsApp paid”, “sent seven people, so don’t expect your account” these forms of annoying messages and false many traded by the users of WhatsApp is more today, to try to mitigate them, choose the service now way to warn of the messages that are re-routed heavily, hoping that that would draw the user’s attention that this is not a sound message, the spammer is no more.

WhatsApp is studying some methods to prevent spam

Monitoring some users an alert message saying ” the message that the forwarding has been re-routed a lot of the time” so when you forward a message from one user to other users

Have WhatsApp multiple ways to report spam messages and annoying, such as when someone sends you a message which is not listed under contacts, there is an option to report it as annoying, and will stop in the case has been reported to the same phone number a lot.

WhatsApp is studying some methods to prevent spam

And also if you have received a letter from your friend has re-routed you got them in turn from the redirect several times, will be to distinguish those message with the words small above by stating that to learn it’s message spam.

Also notice they currently don’t prevent WhatsApp from forwarding spam, but only warning them, but I don’t know maybe in the future prevent forwarding messages really private after it has been administered by a large number of times between users.

It is worth paying attention also to WhatsApp cannot know the content of the message due to the use of encryption and therefore cannot apply the algorithms to blocking messages to the status Word of a specific keyword.

Recommends WhatsApp always using the property of the Broadcast in case you want to send the same message to a large number of people and thus avoid the exposure of your messages to warn them.

The property is currently being tested on iPhone and Android is likely to launch officially soon via app update.

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