WhatsApp will add two more useful functions

Last week we told you about the WhatsApp testing functions of the built-in messenger browser so that the links open directly in the app and function that allows you to send the image directly from the chat “Google search by image”. Today it became known about two more new features, known messenger has not yet received, but certainly in the future will be.

A subsidiary of Facebook working on features that have received the name “Forwarding Info” (forwarded information) and “Frequently Forwarded” (frequently forwarded messages). The first function will tell you how many times have forwarded your sent message. This information appears in the section “Information about the message”, which can be accessed by tapping and holding a sent message, and then clicking on the “message Information” that appears at the top.

The report WABetaInfo says that this feature only works with messages that you have sent to others, and if you want to know the number of forwarded messages that you receive, you will have to send it to someone else (or yourself), and then check the number of redirects in the section “Information about the message.”

Another feature called “Frequently forwarded” adds the label “Often sent” above the message you sent when it was mailed more than four times. In the published report also States that you will not see a counter that shows how many times the message was forwarded, if the message has been transmitted five or more times.

Both of these functions was discovered in the beta app WhatsApp for Android version 2.19.80, but even if you use this version of the application, they can be available to you. Moreover, there is no guarantee that these features will ever see light, but it is hoped that the testing will be successful, and these features will eventually be available to all users worldwide.

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