WhatsApp will develop messaging feature self-destruction – you know them!

Long ago application WhatsApp competitor Telegram has the feature to know the letters of the measure which are automatically deleted after a specific time when you make the conversation confidential. Now, WhatsApp chooses a similar feature to ask her soon.واتس اب سوف يطور ميزة الرسائل ذاتية التدمير - تعرف عليها

Feature messages, destructing as they appeared in the trial version the combination of the application of Watts August will bear the name of the Delete Messages and can be activated through the screen of the contact information in the conversation or traditional chat groups “the Groups” according to WABetainfo.

In the case of disabling this feature will not delete messages in the usual way currently, as in the case of the desire to do it can choose a predefined value from the list such as: “hour, day, week, month, year” after that time the message will disappear alone on their own. Other applications rely on shorter terms.

واتس اب سوف يطور ميزة الرسائل ذاتية التدمير - تعرف عليها

It is worth mentioning that Facebook also had borrowed the status of secret talks to develop the Facebook Messenger from the application of the term earlier and include his properties including a property of messages with the disappearance or self-destruction which disappear after a short period of seconds or minutes starts as soon as you read it.

That feature is still under development and modification in the trial version of WhatsApp for Android devices, will be provided later for all platforms in later updates as they are completed.

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