WhatsApp will now refer to forwarded messages on its platform


Before it becomes news of fake social media more prevalent, it was the easiest way for people who are looking to spread misinformation is to launch a series of forwarded messages on WhatsApp, which is a service of most popular chat in the world. Maybe you have received a good number of news counterfeit on this product. Having said that, the WhatsApp want to fight the spread of misleading information on its platform and that is why they are now starting to put signs on the forwarded messages.

I started WhatsApp, now in reference to the messages received by the user which has been re-routed to. Of course, this will help users determine if a message received actually written by their friend or their relative or what if it was written by someone else and forwarded to them only.

The forwarded messages that will WhatsApp to refer to it include text messages, videos, voice messages. Before the launch of this feature for all users, WhatsApp is testing it in India. It has been linked to forwarded messages on WhatsApp with rumours of dangerous products in countries such as India and Brazil, so I wish the company is definitely in to help her this water to alleviate it.


Will be the forwarded messages visible to users who have the latest version of the app WhastApp on their devices.



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