WhatsApp will soon allow users to extract data for their own accounts


In the wake of the scandal privacy that is involved in network Facebook recently, it is not surprising that the guests of the investigation which the company is subject to other products and services of the affiliate, such as WhatsApp. The good news is that if you’re wondering about the type of data collected by WhatsApp from its customers, the company announced recently about a tool to analyze data.

This comes shortly after the issuance of the tool to download data on the network Instagram, which allows users to upload photos and videos and profile information of their own. According to WhatsApp, it has stated by saying : ” in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to download the limited data that we collect about you to view. Will be rolling this feature to all users all over the world as part of the latest version of the application “.

In the FAQ page about WhatsApp wrote : ” the feature allows you to request account information request and issuing a report on the information and settings of your WhatsApp account. This information includes, for example, your profile photo and the names of the communities “. The company also says that the report will take about 3 days old : ” the report will be available after 3 days from the date of application “.

Note that other than a tool to load data in Instagram, the tool load the data in the WhatsApp centered more around the show the quality of the information the company collects about users. Can’t download messages, although you can always make a backup of the talks your keep a copy in the cloud.



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