WhatsApp will tell you the number of times the conversion of messages

We recently learned that WhatsApp choose feature image search traded to the spread of rumors, today, the app has a new feature called”information forwarding” to the same goal.

Say new feature to tell you the number of times the conversion of the letter which you sent when you click verbose, as you can see the picture below, according to the source, feature doesn’t work with the received messages, only messages that the user sent, whether written by yourself or downloaded when I got him.

The source also pointed that, when converting the message to a particular more than 4 times, it and the fifth are taught by the words “forwarded so much” (Frequently forwarded) and then when you click the extended message can not figure out the number of times they overlap exactly, but 5 or more times.

This information comes from the version of WhatsApp demo number 2.19.80 on Android, but it may not be available for all users of the beta version. As usual, there’s nothing confirms the arrival of water to the public users.

Source: WABetaInfo

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