WhatsApp you block users who are using customized applications


Started WhatsApp this week to send a warning urging users not to use modified versions of WhatsApp +WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. The company said that those who use these applications are exposed to security risks because it can WhatsApp to guarantee them adequate security. Moreover, it was said WhatsApp, it will ban users who are using customized applications.

Will ban the accounts of users who choose to use modified versions of WhatsApp temporarily. If blocked, you’ll have to download the official version of the app to regain access to their accounts.

It also checks the users the responsibility of keeping record of conversations by download the official app if they are using a modified version of the non +WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp. Reports indicate that it is already being applied to this new policy and WhatsApp to distribute effectively a temporary ban which prompted many users to move to the official app instead. It also issued warnings saying that it may be deleted record conversations for users who violate these guidelines.

If you use one of the apps WhatsApp amended, it would be best for you to get rid of them now and install official WhatsApp on your device.


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