When a company name becomes a verb, what does it say

Wall Street analyst mark Mahoney is widely known for its successful investments. He invested in technology companies almost without mistakes. He recently spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in aspen, where he spoke about how to recognize successful technological company.

Of course, mark Mahoney made mistakes. He himself admitted it and told how in 2003 he sold stock Amazon. However, his portfolio can be called very successful. He gave advice for those wishing to make long-term investments in technology companies, and the Council is very interesting.

Mark Mahoney was advised to monitor how people are talking about the company. I mean not that they talk about it, but lexical techniques that they use, mentioning the name of the company. When a company name becomes a verb or a part of youth slang, it’s a great time to invest in it.

You’ve probably heard expressions such as “to Google”, “tweet”, “santarama”. These are good examples of that, as evidenced by Mahoney. The idea is that once people start to mention the name of the company in this way, it means that its demand is sharply reduced, and its product has become a part of something popular. To invest in such companies more secure.

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