When is the best time to sell your old phone

According to statistics, smartphone owners prefer to upgrade their devices in the fall. A considerable role is played here by Apple with the presentation of the new iPhone, but Android users are ready to change to a new phone at this time. Yes, it also does not appear at all (a lot depends on the financial situation), but if your needs coincide with the possibilities, in this case, you might want to learn the best time to sell your device.

Anyway, to answer this question in one sentence — it’s better to sell the smartphone directly on the day of purchase. It’s not the car that loses the lion’s share of its value right after you leave the dealership. You may even be able to sell the phone for the same price you bought it. But you obviously bought a smartphone not. We find more suitable options.

When to sell old smartphone

In other cases, you should consider selling your device for a few weeks or even months before the release of the new. It is no secret that after the start of sales of Galaxy Note 10 model Galaxy Note 9 price will fall. Your task is to sell your Galaxy Note 9 before a new device is cheaper in stores (if so do tell us in our Telegram chat). It can be cheaper throughout the year, but the most significant decline is expected after receipt of the new model on sale. However, you should have a backup phone, which you will use to purchase new.

It is also sometimes advisable to change the smartphone right after the release of a new model. This applies to those devices which are not much cheaper to the point, as a new generation of the phone went on sale (for example, smartphones OnePlus). Here, “replacement” smartphone is not required.

Alternatively, you can browse the store offers to exchange or purchase a new smartphone on the day of the sale of the old. You can sell old smartphone on the day of purchase new, if you have disposable funds. The challenge is to do this as soon as possible after receipt of new items on sale. It will not be so profitable as to sell their devices before the release of the new, but you don’t have to wait for and use a replacement device.

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