When Macs will switch to ARM processors?

Apple is really going to abandon the use of Intel processors in the computers of own production, sure authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, the transition from x86 to ARM is scheduled for the 2020-2021 year. It is assumed that the first computers that will receive branded processors will be the company’s MacBook and MacBook Pro. Later they will go the iMac, and in the future, subject to the availability of competitive and high-performance solutions, ARM processors will also be equipped with Mac Pro and iMac Pro.

According to experts, the transition to the chips of its own production carries with it many advantages:

  • Production series processors will cost A company much cheaper than buying the same chips from Intel.
  • The strong side of the ARM chips have always been high performance (especially in the last practices of the company), but better power efficiency than x86 processors.
  • New single-chip system will be fully designed and engineered in the Apple. This means that the integration of software with hardware will be even better.

It is assumed that supply new processors for Mac computers will be the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC, which Apple has been working for quite some time. At the moment, the share of this supplier have all orders for mobile chips Serie A.

According to Kuo, the transition to branded processors will allow Apple to reduce the cost of Mac computers, making them available to a broader range of consumers. As you know, Intel sets a sufficiently high wholesale prices for its processors. According to some estimates, the average purchase price for the processor i5-i7 can reach 250-300 dollars, while the cost of chip of its own production is only 60-80 dollars. The only question is, will Apple lower prices.

It is expected that the updated Macs will go on sale in the 2020-2021 year. In the meantime, the company will have to resolve the issue of compatibility of programmes developed under a completely different architecture.

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