When the new Mac Pro will go on sale?

In June of this year in the framework of the conference WWDC 2019 for developers, Apple presented the latest Mac Pro. It was a kind of rehabilitation of the company for the failure of the previous generation model, which due to its design proved to be practically applicable in a corporate environment. It was expected that the Mac Pro will go on sale this fall, but still there was no official (or unofficial) confirmation.

This is probably one of the most beautiful computers Apple

And now, Apple has updated its configuration utility Mac for authorized service centers with instructions on how to put the new Mac Pro in DFU mode, according to a source MacRumors. For current Mac computers, this software is used for interfacing the main Board with the security chip Apple T2 after completion of the repair in service.

Not to reveal its source, the newspaper shared the screenshots of the new utilities, but this utility looks like right now, you can see in the image below. It is reported that the corresponding option for the new Mac Pro was installed with the iMac Pro, Mac mini and laptops.

Setup utility for Mac service centers

When will the new Mac Pro

The source reports that the new Mac Pro will be released soon, since the Corporation works closely with service centers just before the official release of new products. The new Mac Pro has a modular design. Remove the decorative panel and get access to the hardware of the computer. It is based on Intel Xeon processors combined with up to 28 cores and up to 1.5 TB of RAM. In addition, it carries 8-port PCI and – attention – is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

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The new design of the computer includes a frame made of stainless steel with sleek handles and aluminum housing that provides access to the entire system, if you remove it. The case also has a unique grid pattern to maximize airflow for cooling (this is now not the “trash can” and advanced “radiator”). Share what you think about this design in our Telegram chat.

The cover of the new Mac Pro can be removed completely for access to internal components

Apple claims the new Mac Pro delivers more than 300 watts of processor power and has “advanced thermal architecture” that allows the processor to operate “completely off limits”. This is a significant change from the previous Mac Pro, the design of which, as acknowledged by Apple, brought him “in some sort of heat angle”.

Faced with growing criticism, Apple has made the rare step of announcing in April 2017, which will release a new Mac Pro, two years before the computer was introduced. Then Phil Schiller told reporters that the thermoregulatory limitations of the Mac Pro “did not allow them to update the system,” and Apple is “very sorry to have upset those people who no matter what the system still chose”.

“I think we got ourselves into in the framework, which are now,” said Craig Federighi, senior Vice President, software development of Apple.

“We wanted to do something unusual, something that could stand out against the rest. At that time we didn’t realize our vision for the future of this system is actually closed inside a little box rounded”.

The new Mac Pro will cost you 5 $ 999 in the U.S. for the configuration with 8-core Intel Xeon processors, 32 GB RAM, graphics Radeon 580X Pro and SSD to 256 GB. Apple will also sell a 32-inch monitor Pro XDR Display with a resolution of 6K for 4999 dollars, and the stand will have to pay an additional $ 999.

Due to the fact that the chances of the October presentation is becoming less, Apple could announce the start of sales of the Mac Pro via a press release.

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